Consulate General in Tarija

Functions of the Consul

What CAN the Argentine Consulate for you?

• Changes of address ID.
• Conduct Nationality option of Argentine children born abroad.
• Provide DNI who opt for the nationality Argentina.
• Process new DNI, duplicates and updates.
• Granting and renewing passports.
• authorize all acts that can make the Notaries Public, especially legalization.
• Process criminal record certificates.
• Issuing travel bowing to minors law with the consent of the holders of parental authority.
• Ensure the interests of minors or disabled Argentines, particularly regarding the institution of guardianship or conservatorship.
• Inform relatives or close associates of accidents or deaths, disasters, and provide advice.
• Be interested in the nationals in detention or in prison and, under certain circumstances, to convey messages to relatives.
• Ensure legal defense of Argentine citizens.
• Address the interests of nationals in matters of succession upon death.
• Try to communicate with family or friends to inform them of your situation and needs.
• Attend to injured persons.
• guidance on legal, medical, notary, etc..
• Allow the use of the address of the Consular office for receiving correspondence.
• Request the whereabouts of local authorities.
• Issue certificates of borders.

What CAN NOT the Argentine Consulate for you?

• Be a party to legal proceedings or obtain exemption from prison.
• Provide legal advice or further court proceedings on their behalf.
• Try a different treatment from that given to nationals of the country in hospitals or prisons.
• Perform tasks that apply to travel agencies, airlines, banks, etc..
• Provide tickets or means to return to the Republic or continuing on to another point, except in very special circumstances for repatriation.
• Provide money or take charge of paying bills (hotel bills, legal, medical or otherwise).
• Manageable accommodation, residence, work or work permits as well as become its guarantor or surety.


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